Instagram’s new algorithm


Disclaimer: Social media sites are forever changing how things are delivered to our feeds, so it's impossible to perfectly guess how to crack one to have the best reach. 

Instagram has changed their algorithm to how posts are delivered in users feeds... again. The last major change to the algorithm was back in 2016 when they removed chronological feeds. The whole meaning behind this update is to reduce spam and get rid of bot accounts, but as a result, it's going to affect real people who also post to the platform. If you have a verified account or a couple million followers; then the changes to the algorithm won't necessarily affect you

As a content creator or business on Instagram, it's important to stay ahead in terms of how posts are delivered to users feeds so you can get the best reach when posting content. Below are the biggest changes that I feel will affect users the most:


It is now not recommended to use 30 hashtags like it used to be. Hashtags should be relevant to the specific image and should avoid being too general.

Make sure to post hashtags in the caption of the image, not as a separate comment as this is also considered to be spam and won't affect the post anymore.

Also, never post the same hashtags on every post in the same order as this is also considered spammy, as mentioned previously the hashtags on the image should be specific to that image 

Don't edit posts:  

Don't edit the description of the post as Instagram will see this and drop the visibility of the post as they'll believe it to be spam. If you post something and notice a mistake, you’re better off to delete the post and repost it again rather than editing it. 

Reply to comments and engage with users:

Instagram now limits or extends your reach to followers based on how you engage with them. This means that they'll limit your reach if you aren’t replying quickly enough to comments. Instagrams given timeframe to reply to a comment is now 60 minutes. 

This post over on Later goes into the changes in a lot more depth:

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