Downloading, and playing back your finished project

How to playback the finished video files that you’ll recieve from us.

You’ll recieve a number of folders with different versions of your video in, optimised for different social sites. To ensure the best quality, please only upload the videos to their intended services. If you require additional formats, please let us know.

We shoot, edit and deliver a good majority of our videos in a format known as ProRes which is a flavour of the popular .mov codec, we opt to do this because ProRes files not only give us more data to work with in the production stage, but also play nicer with YouTube and Facebook’s compression algorithm resulting in a higher quality upload.

How to play them back locally:

On a Mac:

ProRes files are natively supported by mac computers, and as a result all you need to do is double click the file in finder and it’ll play inside of Quicktime Player.

On Windows:

2019-04-11 23_49_26-Widescreen.png

Windows machines are a bit different as ProRes isn’t natively supported like it is on Mac. To playback ProRes locally on your machine, you will need to first download and install a free piece of software known as VLC Media Player.

Once installed, Right Click the file, select ‘Open With’ and click on ‘Vlc Media Player’ The file should then open up and play normally.

VLC Download Link:

Uploading and Sharing:

To upload and share the content onto YouTube and Facebook, simply drag and drop into the video upload window as you normally would. However, due to there being more data, please allow extra upload time, especially to Facebook.