Music Performance Videos: 

Professionally Produced Performance & Music Videos!


Alex Voysey - Run Away

Maddy Carver - Breathe

Lottie Jenkins - Snapped

Luke Targett - Secrets

An Introduction:

Living in the multimedia world that we do nowadays, video is becoming more and more of a promotional tool across social media and other websites. It has been proven that you're more likely to keep an audience engaged with video compared to just audio and pictures and an audience are more likely to remember a song if they have a video to associate it to!

We have partnered with River Studios and Black Room Studios in Totton to offer artists an opportunity to have video produced for their social media sites at a very reasonable price. 


What You'll Get:

You'll get 2 videos. One full video of you performing a song of your choice. And a 30 second edit of the first video to share across your social media sites. Much like the examples above:



If you book a video shoot into an existing session then the price of video is only £40. However if you book outside an existing session the price will go up to £100 as videos include a professional audio engineer and studio space to record.