Besty Group UK

Promotional Videos:

About The Client:

Betsy Group makes a number of products targeted at painters and decorators and the main focus of their products is safety. Betsy had recently worked with another video production company, however, they weren't happy with the finished product so they reached out to us to create something they will be happy to use on their website, and various social media channels as well as potentially in shopping aisles.

A few behind the scenes pics from filming

Soloutions Provided:

We worked closely with Betsy to produce two videos.  One that showcased all of their product range, and then another that just focused on their Betsy Mat product and showing the different uses that it has.

We filmed the bulk of the two videos in the Painting and Decorating department of City College, Southampton. This allowed us to make as much mess as possible for the first few shots of the video without having to worry too much about damaging anything. The voiceover in the video was recorded by Paul Stevens and we worked closely with Paul Thorne (we worked with a lot of Paul's on this)  from Pink Square Music to compose the music for the videos. 

The Finished Product:

Besty were very happy with the videos produced and have already began sharing them on their social media sites! They've been gaining a fair amount of views as well in the process! 

Firstly I don’t think I can fault any of Bradleys filming and editing skills. He captured the products well through filming. The then goes on to enhance capturing the audience by including a great speech. It was put together in a professional manner and was open to making changes to both the videos. Great work.

— Beatrice Betsy