BlackRoom Studios Battle Of The Bands

Photography & Video Production 

About The Client: 

BlackRoom Studios is a recording studio based in Totton, Southampton. They recently put on a Battle Of The Bands event at The 1865 Southampton both as a way of promoting the studio and showcasing the local music that Southampton has to offer.  The show ran for 4 heats and a grand final where the final winners were decided, and the prizes included over a thousand pounds in studio time, rehearsal time, air time on Express FM and a feature in The And Guide.

Solutions Provided

We were tasked with covering the event, providing both photos and videos that will be used on BlackRoom's social media pages, as well as for the bands to use on their own pages. If a band sold over 10 tickets, they received photos of their set and if they sold 20 or more they got a song on video from their set. Both the photos and videos were available to purchase and many bands opted for this. Check out some of the photos below, click an image to enlarge:

We recorded the event on 3x Panasonic cameras placed house left, house right and at the back next to front of house. The two cameras at the front, had opperators on them, meaning they were constantly getting close up shots of the action on stage, whereas the camera at the back had a fixed wide shot, but also had a sound feed coming out of the main FOH desk. This mixed with a few room mics provided a clear sound whilst maintaining the atmosphere of the event. Check out some of the videos below:

Djuno - Wildfire

Madking Ludwig & The Mojo CO. - (Baby, you've got) Nice Legs

Sarah Harrison Band - Get Burnt

One Word - The Sweet Smell Of Regret