2018 Highlights

BCB Media 2018/19 Showreel and Highlights

We've had a pretty amazing year getting to work on some awesome projects and meeting some pretty cool people along the way! Check out some of the highlights in the video below:

Some of our standout highlights of the year include:

Gecko Club - HighFlyer Music Video

We worked with Gecko Club to create their first music video and had an absolute blast doing so!


Lottie J - Music Video & Photography

We also shot some amazing photos and a video for Lottie J. We had a great time creating this project from start to finish and are super happy with the end result:

Sofar Sounds Southampton & Winchester

We got involved with the fine people from Sofar Sounds Southampton and Sofar Sounds Winchester and have put on some pretty cool shows working with great venues and great artists

Jonny Moody - Accoustic Videos & Photography

Finally, we got back in touch with Mr Jonny Moody. I personally knew Jonny for years, after buying guitars off of him at the shop, and then we got back in touch after meeting at a gig he was playing at. We shot 3 acoustic cover videos in his home studio and a number of live gig shots