Did You Ever?

Did You Ever?

Milo George - Official Music Video

We had a great time working with Milo George to create the music video for his new single 'Did You Ever?' The video was shot in the heart of The New Forest at The Hut Recordings Studio

Milo is a singer / songwriter from Portsmouth with influences such as Taylor swift, Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly & Ariana Grande and has been performing in front of audience’s from a young age.

The Song Files:

As part of the release campaign for the song, we worked with Milo to create a video series called ‘ The Song Files’ The idea behind this series was to give Milo’s audience more of an insight into how some of his tracks were made and the thought process behind writing them:

Website Design:

During this project, we also worked with Milo to create a new website to host and showcase all of his current and coming content in a central point which is great for applying to gig & festivals.

You can check out Milo’s website here: https://milogeorge.co.uk