Doing Of It All - Music Video

Jonny Moody - Doing Of It All

Official Music Video:

We had an amazing time working with Jonny to create this awesome and hilarious video for his new single ‘Doing of it all’ which is the main song on his third EP. Give it a watch below!

We’ve worked with Jonny a number of times before creating acoustic style, live videos from his home studio, however, this project involved a lot more creativity and post production work, and was very different to our usual style.

A few behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

Doing Of It All is the main song on Jonny’s new Ep which is being launched at Heartbreakers on February 28th, with support from amazing local acts, Glen Wright, Kitty O’Neal and Cat Eliza T! We’re going to be filming and producing content in the days after the event so come down, say hi, and enjoy a good evening of live music!