Jonny Moody - Acoustic Music Videos and Live Photos

Jonny Moody - Acoustic Music Videos and Live Photos

Throughout 2018, we’ve worked on many projects with Southampton based musician Jonny Moody including the below live acoustic videos and gig shots which have been used as promo material for Jonny’s new album. We’re also in the process of creating a full music video for one of his songs that is set to be released in 2019!

Besty Group UK

Betsy Group makes a number of products targeted at painters and decorators and the main focus of their products is safety. Betsy had recently worked with another video production company, however, they weren't happy with the finished product so they reached out to us to create something they will be happy to use on their website, and various social media channels as well as potentially in shopping aisles.

BlackRoom Studios Battle Of The Bands

BlackRoom Studios Battle Of The Bands

BlackRoom Studios is a recording studio based in Totton, Southampton. They recently put on a Battle Of The Bands event at The 1865 Southampton both as a way of promoting the studio and showcasing the local music that Southampton has to offer.  We were tasked with covering the event, providing both photos and videos.

Ninety Degrees Live Lounge

Event Coverage - Video Production

About The Client:

Ninety Degrees is a bar and club based in Southampton, and recently run a series of Open Mic events and competition in partnership with Jack Daniels with the prize being a custom Jack Daniels guitar. 

Solutions Provided:

We worked with Ninety Degrees to film all 4 of the Live Lounge events. We filmed the events with multiple cameras and recorded and mixed the sound as well. The competition worked by the acts sharing the recorded videos from the event on Facebook, and the one with the most engagement won the competition. Each week there were 7-8 acts, and each act needed filming and the videos uploaded to Ninety's Facebook page so it was a very short turn around each week. Check out some of the videos below: