Sofar Sounds

We’re the official video partner for Sofar Southampton and Winchester and also regularly get involved with various other cites around the country.

Production Form:

Please fill out the below at least 7 days before your show date, and please make sure that all spellings and links are correct as these will be used in various publications. If you’d like to see examples of the shows and the content produced from them, please follow this link.

If you have any questions about how the data in this form is processed, please refer to our privacy policy.

Video or Payment?:

We produce a wide range of content at Sofar shows across the country which have been shared globally by various cities. Below are some examples of how our videos look and sound, and what you can expect!

You get the option of either a £75 payment or to have a video of your performance produced like the examples below.   The videos will be uploaded to the Sofar YouTube channel which has over 700,000 subscribers.

We aim to turn around all videos within 6 weeks from show day at most.

If you decide on the video option but would like to delay the release of the videos for any reason (perhaps to coincide with a musical release) please also let us know prior to the show so that this information can be passed on.

Once your video is edited and signed off, they are sent to a company who upload it to the  Sofar Youtube Channel. Due to the high number of submissions they receive this process can take some time.

Our video team will film your whole set and these additional videos can be purchased for £75.00 per song and have been proven to work well for social media content and/or festival and gig applications.

Please see our full terms and conditions for the production of Sofar videos

Check out some of our content from previous shows below:

Sofar Sounds 10th Birthday Show in Southampton

Jonny Moody - Cloud 9

Route 2 Roots - Breaker

Amba Tremain - Shouldn’t Have Let Me Love You - Sofar Portsmouth

The Outlaw Orchestra - See You In Hell

Tuba Libres - The Kraken - Sofar Winchester

The Devil's Damned String Band - WeightOfTheWorld